NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball App Reviews

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Amazing but...

The game I super super super super super a million more supers good but I just wish the packs and bundles and stuff was not so expensive. I also wish that you can auction players in the auctions that have been upgraded a number. But otherwise it’s amazing!


1. The company running this makes you pay so you can get certain players. That’s annoying for the players playing this game. It also makes you look like a greedy company only does things so you can profit and nothing for the people that are playing the game. 2. Get rid of the 5% auction fee. It’s better for the players so the players in the auction are cheaper.

Nba live

It is so fun because I love basketball

Not good at all

Wow why does it take forever to level up and why are some elite trash like wow guys last year it was great now it’s just not as fun or even fun for me at all like this game is one of the worst games in a while from EA

Cant even play and horrible customer service

Months later the game still doesn’t work. once I try to enter any live event, season game, head to head. The loading screen gets to stretching and then force closing March 21 2018 Please fix the iOS update or game all together can’t get past loading screens Days later and still don’t work and you guys email me and give me a list of things to do to fix this problem and oddly all the things you told me to do I already did and listed them to you in my initial email do you even read our messages or do you just send the same generic stuff to everyone come on I get a lot of your games and spend decent money

There’s one thing to make the game better

EA, I love this game but it just needs a draft but free. If you can, please add a draft. P.S love the game. Sincerely Jackson Jurkowitz ?????????????????????????????

I like it

I like the game but I don’t like how you have to unlock levels to use the auction. I think that you should be able to auction when you are playing for the first time. Also I think that the team you pick should have there current coach. Thank you and I hope that these changes come sooner than later.

Auction house fee

20% of your profit goes to EA what the hell thats insane if I sell an elite for 75,000 I only make 60,000. Unfair and makes selling less desirable needs to be changed other wise a good game.

Great Game... Except For One Thing!

It’s a great game! The gameplay is really good, graphics, controls, but one thing I’m not liking is the price for things in the shop. DON’T SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME!!!

.99 cents real money to get ANY player is not right

Making game players spend actual cash to get base players to build sets, is very unjust. What makes EA think that is a good way to conduct business? If you want these players the only way to get them is to buy them??????


I open the app and when it gets to the ea sports screen it closes the app


Every Time I Start a game it glitches and freezes. Like a lag type of glitch. What do I do. Neeed Help!!!!


EA this game is good but possibly in the next update or so on I would love to see the WNBA, NBA teams that people can play with like the (Chicago Bulls vs Golden State Warriors), change in uniforms, and more line-ups for the NBA not with this player can only go in this line-up (Shooting) the player can go in any line-up. And, if so can you can there be a way to put in the bench anything in the game during any quarter or after each quarter also, with a timeout button/call to make a play.

Auction block

I cannot sell any of my players in the auction house it is not working for like a week already

Please read

This game is amazing . Just one thing I wish was in here were You could scan your basketball cards . Please add that


It is awesome

The old version was better

I do indeed prefer having the older set up where you have a two ball team a big man team a small ball and defense and shooting i think it was more fun that way, and plz lower the level to unlock the auction house.

You guys cheat

Your game always cheats and it’s dumb because if your winning 30 to 14 and it’s 4th quarter and they gain 17 points under 2 minuets because your team didn’t loose a single game the whole season except the championship and the game ended 30 to 31 and the thing Is it was impossible to make a shot even though nobody’s around you and you dunk and it says foul or it bounces it of the basket like there was a trampoline at the bottom of the net and it’s the same thing for 3’s it just doesn’t want to go in and this wasn’t the only game this happened to me it happened so many times I deleted the game for a whole year.

Best game ever

I love this game because it helps me get better at basketball

Great game but...

There are some bugs and sometimes my blocks don’t count as blocks please help and everything else is really good.

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