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I have a 90 overall and I was playing against a 80 overall Brooklyn nets and when I put it on auto play I was down by 15 points in 1 quarter

I wish..

I wish when you a perfect shot that it actually goes in please fix this


What idiots made this update it is stupid???

Worst Game Ever

I liked the original NBA Live. Not this piece of crap. The AI ninety percent of the time gets the rebound and makes the shot.

NBA live

I like this game because basketball is my favorite sport

Never get this game

It’s the worst game ever! I wish I could say what I want to say about this stupid guy who made the game and the game!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❌❌❌❌❌

NBA Royalty

When i play nba royalty The task said: Win this game at least 2 three point However I score 1 three point It shown that 0/2 Fix it now

Gameplay ratings

I Have A High Rating Team , But my Players Are getting clamped Up by 64 Ovr Whats The Deal with that missing Wide open shots But The other team Has low Ratings Making Every Thing You guys Should fox that

I’m not getting things done fast enough!!

Can u make it so then I don’t have to wait so long to wait for the next live event? It’s taking way too long for me to get stuff. Like TOTW. 4 hours??? Please make it so then I have to wait less than four hours to get the next live event. I would really appreciate it if u did that. Other than that, I love how u made it so then I can do more with my Classic team. Thank you. I will give you 5 stars if u can do what I’m requesting.

Could be better

It’s cool just keeps crashing and also message pops up about maintenance. Very annoying especially when you want to play. I could be in the middle of a showdown game and kicks me out then say I forfeit. Please look into that issue otherwise the game is good.


This game is trash ??????????????????????????????slow game play why this here if you can’t solve issues ??????????????????


I love this game but it needs work. There is no season games with the classic lineup. There should be because there is legends people want to play with and all there is with the classics is live events and some head to head. Finally, there is some fouls being called but very few. My player gets knocked over and hit so hard in the arm he ball flies out. Another thing to close up is you should somehow bring free throws into this game. But, i play this game because it is fun those are the only things that need work its really fun.


The game keeps saying that it has an unknown error ughhhhhhh fix it or at least tell me how to

Great sometimes.

Its a good game but the buttons dont always seem to work and I can never get it to let me play unless connected to wifi without kicking me off.

What Was I scammed

I was going pretty well until I bought something with money and didn’t get my reward. I went to check unclaimed items but it wasn’t there either so if you could get my money back or my reward that would be great. Mainly I want my money back.


Nba is awesome and now you can take your team into victory by getting players you love and I love that because I can get curry and Irving in one team that will lead me to victory. Also if you love players from back then like Larry bird you can have a team from player back then. You can also choice any team you want and you can chance the team to. This is what NBA Mobile should be?

Broken Game

Support team and developers along with game testers are all garbage. This whole team should be fired for making things worse everyday and not caring about players. But what do we basketball fans know. I don’t need to repeat everyone’s complaints. Missed 100% dunks/clutch shots. No defense No rebounds no matter how elite your team is Every position every player will punk every hall of fame PF and Center and grab every offensive rebound. No point in playing lock down defense because they make every fade away shot. But every fade away shot you do is off balance. No matter how tight you guard computer they make everything and when they do miss it’s just put back. When your meant to loose their is nothing you can do about it but miss everything and watch computer play like the dream team with bums. Automatic fouls on you computer shoots free throws but I never get one free throw even after being power bomb to the sidelines. They keep changing sets to make things harder. Packs I bought only carry the lowest rated players and not the players they advertise. Took 8 seasons for me to complete the 5 season token master. Work hard to make your team better just for results to get worse. How can I score 20-0 one quarter and then the next game tie 18-18 vs same caliber players. Support team won’t or refuses to make things right and compensate what your rightfully earned. 100% worst gaming experience from the funnest mobile game to the most hated stressful and anger built up with this garbage. Let’s not forget computers constant full court/half court shots in critical moments where every point counts and you end up loosing match by 1 pt. Complete total joke it’s an AI switch where no matter how well you play everything will go wrong for you here. I love NBA but I’m sick of EA trash game getting worse everyday.


The updates are weird

Really Bad

It is honesty a garbage game. The only way to get an epic player is to waste like an hour a day or spend money. And it also isn’t fun at all! Your first games are easy wins and then it just dies and you start hating it and it gets less fun. It is only good when you are starting. Then it is garbage. 1/5 stars. Don’t install.

Broken Game

Support team and developers along with game testers are all garbage. This whole team should be fired for making things worse everyday and not caring about players. But what do we basketball fans know

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